Seminar FAQ 's

WhAT is Pension Navigators?

Pension Navigators is an educational resource providing information designed to help you better understand the most important components of retirement planning.

Who are your seminar speakers?

Our seminars are conducted by highly-qualified local licensed professionals who may be an Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor, Accountant or Attorney. All of our speakers have years of experience in the topics discussed at the seminars.

How much do your Seminars cost?

There is no charge for our classroom-style educational seminars or for any of the informational material we provide at each session.

What do your Seminar Speakers
get out of this?

There is no “selling” at our seminars. However, our speakers may offer his or her services to attendees. If you choose to make a private appointment with a speaker, there will be a fee or commission for products and services they provide to you. Keep in mind, your attendance at our seminars in no way obligates you to engage with the speaker for any service.

Is there a sales pitch at
your seminars?

No. There is no “selling” at our seminars. Seminars are structured like educational classes providing information about Social Security benefits and strategies for maximizing your benefits. Our speakers may hand out their business cards or brochures outlining their services. However, there is no obligation for you to engage with any speaker after the seminar.

How does Pension Navigators
make money?

Pension Navigators is primarily funded by private and corporate entities; this also includes speaker fees. Advertising on the website will be available soon.

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This educational website provides an overview of what we can provide to State Departments seeking to help their employees stay current with the ever-changing rules and requirements of their retirement plans.

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Who We Are

Pension Navigators is an educational organization dedicated to helping State Employees make informed decisions when planning their retirement. The educational resources we provide are designed to provide them with the most current information on their State Pension Benefits plus strategies for achieving their retirement income goals.

This website provides an overview of what we can provide to State Pension Agencies to help their employees stay current on the latest rules and requirements of their pension plans.


Pension Navigators provides no-obligation educational information about State Retirement Benefits. Nothing is ever sold, marketed or sent to visitors of this website unsolicited.

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